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Activities & Resources

The Northwestern Society for Moral and Political Philosophy (NUSTEP)

NUSTEP, sponsored by the Philosophy Department, organizes an annual conference three-day conference each spring.  These meetings feature presentations by prominent faculty and advanced graduate students throughout the U.S. and abroad. In May 2019, the keynote speakers were Peter Railton and Sarah Stroud.

The Brady Scholars Program

The Brady Program in ethics and civic life brings to Northwestern a visiting scholar in moral and political philosophy each year.  The first two recipients of the Brady Professorship have been Samuel Fleischacker (UIC) and Robert Audi (Notre Dame).  The program is administered by Richard Kraut.

The Practical Philosophy Workshop

In addition to the discussion that takes place in seminars, our students and faculty meet regularly (usually once a week) as part of The Practical Philosophy Workshop, devoted to the discussion of recent work in moral and political philosophy.  The workshop is currently organized by graduate students Regina Hurley and Michael Schwarz.

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