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Brady Program in Ethics and Civic Life

The senior class community service project was devoted to creating closer connections between Northwestern students and Books and Breakfast, an organization devoted to providing a nutritious breakfast, homework assistance, and emotional care to students in Evanston public schools. The seniors discovered that although this organization works with students in all of Evanston’s primary schools, only those schools that are easily reachable from campus were receiving Northwestern volunteers. Thanks to the efforts of the senior class, Northwestern students can now mentor young Evanstonians from all parts of the city.

The Brady Program is pleased to welcome its new Director, Professor Kyla Ebels Duggan, who has for many years taught one of the Brady sophomore seminars and has been a member of the program’s faculty advisory board.  We are also pleased to welcome two post-doctoral fellows, who will each be teaching a sophomore seminar:  Libby Southgate and Rowan Mellor. Libby received her Ph. D. from Cornell University and Rowan received his Ph. D. from University College, London.