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Learning Goals @ Philosophy

Kinds of accomplishments and skills assessed in every philosophy paper, presentation, oral discussion

  1. articulation of thesis                           
  2. reasons given for own position
  3. objections anticipated
  4. citation and nuanced interpretation of text
  5. grasp and presentation of (others’ or) philosophers’ systematic thought
  6. argumentative structure of the paper (including paragraph order, transitions, etc.)
  7. clarity of exposition/well written
  8. originality/imaginativeness, open-mindedness, engagement;
  9. employment of knowledge gained from required courses for the major, whether of logical form or basic knowledge of positions, texts, thinkers, questions from the history of philosophy and moral and political philosophy (PHIL 150, PHIL 260/1, PHIL 210-1, PHIL 210-3)
  10. Other peculiar strengths of the individual contribution (powerful expressiveness, compelling examples, etc).