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In addition to assigning the normal grades to graduate students (A, B, etc.), instructors must assign to each graduate student in each class one of the following marks:

J: Superb work

K: Excellent work, with some minor deficiencies

L: Significant strengths clearly outweigh weaknesses or omissions

M: Satisfactory: a rough balance of strengths and weaknesses

N: Significant deficiencies clearly outweigh strengths

O: Far below graduate-level work

It is expected that most marks awarded in the Department will be L, M, or N.  Students who receive a large number of marks of N or worse each year will receive special scrutiny. A student who receives no marks lower than M is making satisfactory progress with respect to coursework in the Ph.D. program.

These marks must be assigned for work done in both 300- and 400-level classes and be accompanied by written evaluations.