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Language Requirement

In order to satisfy the skills requirement through preparation in a language other than English, the student must show basic competence in French, German, Greek, Latin or another language that is acceptable to the Department. This involves:

1. Taking the three-quarter sequence of language courses given by the French, German, or Classics Departments (or equivalent summer intensive courses), and passing tests given by the instructors and acceptable to this Department. (Certificates of equivalent level courses taken at other institutions may be acceptable as well).

2. Passing an advanced competence test in the same language. The latter is meant to evaluate a student's ability to work effectively in the language in question. To this end, the student will be given a philosophical text of no more than three-pages length and up to three hours to translate it. This translation exam will be administered by a committee of two Department faculty who will also have selected the text. It will be administered once in each academic year, usually at the start of the Fall Quarter. A student must have satisfied the basic competency requirement in a language before sitting for the advanced test. (In exceptional circumstances – e.g., the student is a native speaker of the language in question – a student may, by petition, be exempted from the basic competence requirement or also the advanced competence test.)