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Taking a Class P/NP

Second-Year Students. Students will be permitted to count one class taken on a P/NP basis during their second year towards their required coursework (see the Graduate School Bulletin for regulations regarding the P/NP option). In philosophy seminars, a student will be assigned a P/NP grade on the basis of completing all required coursework except for any research paper that might otherwise be due.

Note: This arrangement may be entered into only with the prior agreement of the faculty member teaching the course (who may not agree), and the course may not be one that is being used to fulfill the following requirements: i.e., the proseminars, the courses in Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary philosophy, or the logic courses.

Third-Year Students. All elective philosophy graduate seminars taken in the third year and the Dissertation Research Seminar will be taken P/NP. No major written work will be required of third-year students enrolled in these classes. At the beginning of each term, faculty should indicate to third-year students what they will be expected to do in order to receive a passing grade. Exception: to satisfy the logic or any of the distribution requirements, a course must receive a grade of B-minus or better and cannot be taken P/NP. To satisfy the 12 required graduate seminars in the Department of Philosophy, all courses must be taken for a grade except for the one P/NP permitted in the second year. Classes taken P/NP in the Classics Department during the third year can be at the 300- or 400-level, or may be lower level if they are language courses.