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Any requests for an incomplete must be submitted in writing, on a form provided by the Department, and must include an assurance that the incomplete requested does not exceed the limits specified in the paragraph below. The instructor may then approve or disapprove the request. If he or she approves the request, the student will then pass the request on to the Director of Graduate Studies for final approval or disapproval. No incomplete may be taken without the written approval of both the course instructor and the Director of Graduate Studies. The completed form will then remain a permanent part of the student's record. Except in unusual and unforeseen circumstances, requests for incompletes should not be put off to the very end of the term but should be anticipated and submitted in good time. In an emergency, if the Director of Graduate Studies is out of town, approval can be requested from the Chair.

No more than one incomplete will be permitted at any given time. In exceptional circumstances, a student may, with the prior permission of the course instructor, petition the Graduate Advisory Committee for an incomplete that would exceed that limit.

All incomplete papers must be submitted by September 15th of each year. The prospectus defense cannot be scheduled until all incompletes are cleared.