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Application Process

In order to plan ahead and to ensure a rational selection process in the eventuality that more than one person wants to study in our Edinburgh exchange program (Philosophy Department, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland) in any given academic year, we are instituting the following application process.

Applications are due to Sandy Goldberg the week after graduate student teaching assignments are determined for the Fall term (of the year in which the student proposes to study abroad). This determination is typically done in the prior Spring term. Applications consist of:

  1. A letter of application, which should include:
    1. a statement of your current research/research interests;
    2. a description of your current status vis--vis this research. (Are you still taking courses? ABD? And if ABD, how much work has been done on your dissertation, and when do you expect to complete it? Etc.);
    3. a statement of how your time in Edinburgh will further your research plans (including the faculty there with whom you hope to work);
    4. a statement of what you expect to complete while there; and
    5. a statement confirming that you have no teaching duties here in our department for the period of time for which you propose to study abroad.
  2. Brief (one paragraph) letter of recommendation from one faculty member in our department (can be an e-mail).
  3. Although it is not required, if you have had contact with any of the faculty at Edinburgh, and they are willing to write a brief (one paragraph) letter of confirmation that they are willing to work with you, you can include this as well.