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Post-graduation Plans of our Majors and Minors

Xavier Vilar-Brasser:

For now, I plan to remain in area to work, play in my band and continue developing my creative writing portfolio before (ideally) spending some time in Berlin during the year or so before I apply to graduate programs.


Alexandra Lang (Honors in Philosophy):

I am going to be working as a legal analyst at a complex litigation firm in Chicago and plan to continue writing philosophically as well.


Emma Eder (Honors with Distinction in Philosophy):

After graduation I will be working as an analyst for Cornerstone Research in their downtown Chicago office.


Patrice Haryanto (Honors with Distinction & David Hull Prize for Best Senior Thesis in Philosophy):

I am going to be working as an investment banking analyst in downtown Chicago. Philosophy is not exactly applicable to my job, but I wholeheartedly believe that the critical reading and writing skills I developed from pursuing a philosophy major are invaluable. They are such underrated skills that I believe will be so useful in many fields that I plan on exploring in the future.


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