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Recent Placements

All listed academic positions are tenure track (TT) or tenure track equivalent (TTE).  Those marked with an asterisk (*) are non-tenure track positions; those marked with a plus (+) are renewable positions; those marked PD are post-doc positions.

For those graduates for whom their first post-PhD placement remains their current position, the position has been listed only once.

Recent Job placements


PhD Recipient

Title of Dissertation

Current Employment

First Placement Post-PhD


Regina Hurley N/A University of Buffalo (TT)


Blaze Marpet The Value of Wisdom: Philosophical Protreptic in Plato, Vātsyāyana, and Dharmottara University of South Florida


Carmen De Schryver Decolonizing Phenomenology: Dialogical Universality in Césaire, Fanon and Hountondji Trinity College
2022 Marzouq Alnusf Global Racial Capitalism: How Race Matters to Global Justice Kuwait University
2021 John Beverley 

Responsibility Where We Find It

SUNY University of Buffalo(TT) 

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (2021-2022)

2021 Taylor Rogers Knowing How to Feel: Mapping affective epistemologies of ignorance through numbness

Governors State University (TT)

Loyola University

2021 Mark Thomson Emotions and the Subject's Point of View Capilano University (TTE)
2021 Nathan Weston Defending Pragmatic Epistemic Instrumentalism:
A Pragmatic Account of Epistemic Normativity
Data Scientist at Reynolds Consumer Products
2020 Carry Osborne A Social Approach to Doxastic Responsibility American University (*)
2020 Daniel Skibra Modals and their Arguments University of Konstanz (PD)
2020 William Cochran Aristotle's Notion of Teaching and Its Role in His Theory of Moral Education

Wake Forest University (PD, 2020-21)

Harvard University (PD, 2021-23)

2019 Evan Dutmer Cicero Philosophico-Politicus: Glory, Friendship, Utopia Culver Academies
2019 Gretchen Ellefson Communicative Context and Normativity Southern Utah University (TT)
2019 Lauren Leydon-Hardy Epistemic Infringement Amherst College (TT)
2019 Nicholas Leonard Testimony, Higher-Order Evidence, and Rational Indeterminacy University of San Francisco (TT)
2018 Ezra Cook Intensionality and Abstraction: A Theory of Logical Form Data Scientist at RotaRoute
2018 Morganna Lambeth Rethinking the Structure of Events: Heidegger on Kant and the Concept of Cause

Cal State Fullerton(TT)

Purdue University (PD, 2018-2021)

2017 Carlos Pereira Di Salvo Reconstructing the Kantian Cosmopolitan Project University of Pennsylvania (*)
2017 Jared Peterson A Puzzle about Desire: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Wanting

SUNY Oswego (*+)

University of Wisconsin-Parkside (*)

2017 Raff Donelson When We Ask What Law Is Louisiana State University (TT)
2017 Amy Flowerree The Practical Foundations of Epistemic Normativity

Texas Tech University (TT)

University Of Cologne, Center for Epistemology and the Kantian Tradition (PD) (AY 2017-18)

2016 Chelsea Egbert Feminist Critiques of Consent Employed in the private sector
2016 David Johnson Color, Movement, Intensity: Aesthetics and Metaphysics in the Thought of Gilles Deleuze

Art Institute of Chicago (*)

Loyola University Chicago (*)

2016 Kurt Mertel Liberating the Self-Relation from Reification and Alienation: Towards an Appropriative Approach

Queen's University (*+)

American University of Sharjah (TT)

2016 Hung Nguyen Birth in Beauty: Truth, Goodness and Happiness in the Platonic Dialogues On the Market
2016 Adam Ring The Bounds of Understanding: Ontology, Interpretation, and Critique in Heidegger's Being and Time St. John's University in Queens (*+)


Daniel Tovar

Perception and Persuasion in Aristotle's Ethics

Southern California Institute of Architecture (*)

The Art Institute of Chicago (*+)


Rebecca Mason

Social Ontology Naturalized

University of San Francisco (TT)

2015 Seth Mayer Democratic Ethos:  A Theory of Informal Politics

Manchester University (TT)

Auburn University (*+)


Tyler Zimmer

Relational Egalitarianism

University of Chicago (TTE)

Northeastern Illinois University (*)


Eric Jonas

Derrida's Theory of Alterity and Critical Animal Studies

Digital Production Specialist at Integrated Direct Marketing 


Derek Green

Intentionality, Determinacy, and Rules: Kripke's Paradox and the Normativity of Content

University of Central Florida (*+)

Oakland University (*)


Deborah Goldgaber

The Materiality of the Trace: Deconstruction beyond the Linguistic Turn



Emilie Prattico

Is Democracy Epistemic or Egalitarian?  A Habermasian Perspective

Business for Social Responsibility

(Partnership Development & Research, FRANCE)


Oksana Maksymchuk

The Measure Doctrine in Plato’s Protagoras

University of Arkansas (TT)


Max Cherem

Habermas on Citizenship and Immigration

Kalamazoo College (TT)


Ryan Doran

Definiteness, Specificity, and the Multiple Uses of Demonstrative Expressions

University of Regina (TT)


Guy Elgat

Nietzsche's Overcoming of Schopenhauer's Pessimism

The Art Institute of Chicago (*)


Haewon Jeon

Does Plato Think Ordinary People Can Be Virtuous? The Moral Capacity of the Producers in Plato's Republic

Metropolitan State University of Denver (*)


Alison Peterman

Spinoza's Physics

University of Rochester (TT)


Wolfhart Totschnig

Extraordinary Moments, Extraordinary Endeavors: Arendt on New Beginnings and Principled Action

Universidad Diego Portales (TTE)


Carl Ehrett

Vagueness: Precision and Particularity

Currently pursuing a PhD in Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University

Furman University (*)


Laura Papish

Against Constructivism in Kantian Ethical Theory

George Washington University (TT)

Johns Hopkins University (*)


Scot B Rousse

Thrown Projection: An Interpretation and Defense of the Hermeneutic Conception of the Self in Heidegger's 'Being and Time'

Pluralistic Networks (Researcher & Curriculum Developer)
UC Berkeley


Kelby Harrison

Ethics of Passing: A Theoretical and Practical Analysis

University of Southern California (*+)


Chike Jeffers

The Black Gift: Cultural Nationalism and Cosmopolitani

Dalhouise University (TT)


Henry Southgate

Individuation and Opposition in Hegel’s 'Doctrine of Essence':The Importance of the Kant’s 'Amphiboly' to Hegel’s Metaphysics

University of Wisconsin - Madison (*+) 


Brad Cokelet

Rational Agency, Virtue, and Respect for Persons

U of Miami (TT)

University of Kansas (TT)

Middlebury College (*)


Jonathan Trejo-Mathys

Inheritance, Sovereignty, and Promise: Political Authority and Obligation in an Age of Transformations

Boston College (TT)

University of Frankfurt (PD)


Kate Padgett Walsh

The Direction of Desire: A Hegelian Account of Reasons for Action

Iowa State University (TT)


Howard Kaplan

Realism, Idealism, and the Commitments of Common Sense

Litigator at Kirkland & Ellis LLP


Tushar Irani

Plato's Grounds for Philosophy: The Virtues of Dialectic in the Later Dialogues

Wesleyan U (TT)


Eli Diamond

Divine Thinking as the Paradigm of Life in Aristotle's De Anima

Dalhousie University (TT)


Ben Rutter

Hegel on the Modern Arts

St. Ann's School (NY) (*+)


Melissa Yates

Religion in the Public Sphere: Reflections on Rawls and Habermas

Rutgers-Camden (TT)

St. John's University (TT)


Joseph Cannon

Feeling and Judgment in Kant: Aesthetic Judgment, Practical Judgment and the Creation of Beauty in Art

PPC Strategist at Ox Optimal

U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (*)


Vincent Chiao

Self-Knowledge between Decision and Discovery

University of Toronto (TT)


Jeffrey Flynn

Human Rights and Global Diversity: Rawls, Taylor, Habermas

Fordham University (TT)

Middlebury College (*+)


Samir Haddad

Derrida, Arendt, and the Inheritance of Democracy

Fordham University (TT)


Todd Hedrick

Reconstituting Political Philosophy: Rawls and Habermas in Dialogue

Michigan State University (TT)

University of Richmond (*)


Jason Leddington

Perceptual Acquaintance

Bucknell University (TT)

Centre College (*+)


Sebastian Rand

From A Priori Grounding to Conceptual Transformation: The Philosophy of Nature in German Idealism

Georgia State University (TT)


Steve Skultety

The Role of Conflict in Aristotle's Political Philosophy

University of Mississippi (TT)


Joshua Andresen

Nietzsche's Project of Creating New Values in Beyond Good and Evil

American University of Beirut (TT)


Alexandra Bradner

On the Pragmatics of Explanation from VanFraasen to Achinstein

Denison University


Daniel Brandes

Where Everything is Possible: Hannah Arendt on Freedom and the Question of Evil

University of King's College - Halifax (TT)


Matthew Steilen

On Color: The Metaphysical Conception of the World

SUNY - Buffalo Law School (TT)


David Gray

Philosophical Dimensions of Criminal Trials in Transitions to Democracy

U of Maryland School of Law (TT)

Duke University of Law (*)


Evelyn Brister

Scientific Objectivity and Scientific Objectives

Rochester Institute of Technology (TT)


Robert Colter

Plato's Theory of Knowledge in Theatetus and Republic

University of Wyoming (*)

Centre College (TT)


Richard Foley

The Principle of Sufficient Reason and the Problem of the External World in Hume's Treatise and Kant'sCritique of Pure Reason

University of Missouri (TT)

Eastern Illinois University (TT)


Michelle Little

David Hull's Generalized natural Selection as an Explanation for Scientific Change

California State University (*)


Ronald Loeffler

Meaning as Use: A Critique and Reconstruction of Robert Brandom's Practice-Based Account of Semantic Norms

Grand Valley State (TT)

University of Illinois at Chicago (*)


Eric Sparks

Intentionality in the Works of Martin Heidegger and Wilfrid Sellars

Partner at Gould and Ratner

Law School


David Bullwinkle

Epistemology and Unity of Science in Carnap's Aufbau

Kirkwood Community College (IA) (TT)


John Fennell

Naturalism and Normativity

Grinnell College (TT)


Emmett L. Bradbury III

Utilitarianism and the Psychology of Personal Identity: A Critique of Bernard Williams

Chicago State University (TT)


Edgar Boedeker

The Concept of Showing in the Early Writings of Heidegger and Wittgenstein

University of Northern Iowa (TT)


Bruce Gordon

Quantum Statistical Mechanics and the Ghosts of Modality

Houston Baptist University (TT)

Baylor University (TT)


J. Robert Loftis

Normativity and Mathematics: A Wittgensteinian Approach to the Study of Number

Lorain County Community College (TT)

St. Lawrence University (*)


Lenny Moss

What Genes Can't Do: Prolegomena to a Post-Modern Synthesis Philosophy

University of Exeter (UK) (TTE)

University of Sussex (UK) (TTE)


Jonah Murdock

On John Rawls and Public Reason

Medical School


John Victor Peterson

A Discourse Theory of Moral Judgment

Law School


Melissa Zinkin

Kant's Concept of Force

Binghamton University (TT)


Christopher Zurn

Competence and Contest: Conceptions of the Self in the Critical Theories of Jürgen Habermas and Charles Taylor

University of Massachusetts Boston (TT)

University of Kentucky


Jerrell Cayford

The Radical Readings of Wittgenstein: Wisdom, Cavell, Kripke, and Bloor as a School of Wittgenstein Readers

Private Sector Professional


Willaim Dudley

Freedom Beyond the Will: A Critical Study of Hegel and Nietzsche

Williams College (TT)


José Medina

Wittgenstein in Transition: Meaning, Rules, and Practices

Northwestern University (TT)

Vanderbilt University (TT)


Steven Weinstein

Conceptual and Foundations Issues in the Quantization of Gravity

University of Waterloo (TT)


John M. Capps

Context and Inquiry: Justification in Naturalized Epistemology

Rochester Institute of Technology (TT)


Darrell Moore

Epidermal Capital: Formation of (Black) Subjectivity in Political Philosophy and Culture

DePaul University (TT)


Amy Allen

Toward a Feminist Theory of Power

Penn State University

Dartmouth College (TT)


Joel Anderson

Toward a Social Conception of Personal Autonomy: Identity, Intelligibility, and Intersubjectivity

Utrecht University (NL) (TTE)


Jonathan Maskit

Aesthetic World Disclosure in Kant and Heidegger

Denison University (*+)


Kevin Olson

The Critical Theory of the Welfare State

UC Irvine (TT)


Barbara Fultner

Radical Interpretation of Communicative Action: Holism in Davidson and Habermas

Denison University (TT)


Joseph M. Heath

Morality and Social Action

University of Toronto (TT)


David P. McCabe

The Virtues of State Neutrality: A Defense of Liberal Politics

Colgate University (TT)


Kirk Pillow

Reflective Judgment and Aesthetic Imagination in Kant and Hegel

Provost of the Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute (TT)


Grace A. Clement

Toward a Feminist Ethic of Care: Reconciling Care, Autonomy, and Justice

Salisbury University (TT)


Todd Alan Grantham

Species Selection and Macroevolution: Toward a Non-Reductionist Theory of Evolution

College of Charleston (TT)


Ralph Ernest Shain

Time and Underdetermination

Missouri State University (TT)

DePaul University (*)


Pablo De Greiff

Temporal Aspects of the Representation of the Moral Point of View

Currently the Director of Research Program at ICTJ

SUNY Buffalo (TT)


Lee Mark Horvitz

Substance Metaphysics and Theories of the Moral Agent: Heidegger and Foucault on Ethics

Miami U.


Catherine A. Ludlum Foos

Plato's Account of Friendship

Indiana University East (TT)


Richard Neal Manning

The Resurrection of Coherence: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Coherentist Epistemology

University of South Florida (TT)

University of Pittsburgh (*)


Andrew Peter Norman

Justification and Context: The Rational Rejection of Demands for Evidence

Currently out of academia

Hamilton College (TT)


Ciaran Cronin

Power and Modernity

Currently works in the Translation Programme of the Goethe-Institut

Grinnell College


William Rehg

Insight and Solidarity: A Study in the Discourse Ethics of Jürgen Habermas

St. Louis University (TT)