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Dissertation Research Seminar

All third- and fourth-year graduate students are required to present a paper at the DRS. The DRS meets once during the Winter Quarter for every student in the third-year, and once during the Spring Quarter for every student in the fourth-year. All fifth-year students have the option of presenting a paper at the DRS during the quarter of their choice.  

The format is colloquium-style, with a forty-five to fifty minute presentation of a paper on some specific topic related to the dissertation project (or prospective project, in the case of third-year students) and an hour of audience questions. During each quarter, the time and place of the DRS will remain constant. All third- and fourth-year students are expected to attend all DRS meetings for both classes, as are members of the student's dissertation committee (or prospective members, in the case of third-year students). Other students and faculty are also welcome.

Students should meet regularly with their advisors during the writing of their DRS papers