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Independent Study

First year students are not allowed to take independent study except in order to satisfy a logic or language requirement (that is, Philosophy 250 or 350) or to meet some extraordinary need. (Philosophy 250 figures in the logic requirement, 350 in the language requirement.) Second-year students are normally allowed to take one independent study, provided that they can demonstrate a need to do so; they are not normally allowed more than one. All requests to take independent study during the first and second year, for reasons not having to do with the logic or language requirements (that is, Philosophy 250 or 350), must be approved by the Graduate Advisory Committee. Petitions from first year students must show why they should be allowed to take independent study at all. Petitions from second year students must state that the material to be studied through independent study is not available in any scheduled classes. Independent studies taken during the third year do not count towards the 6 elective graduate seminars that students must take on a P/N basis.