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Awards for Excellent Undergraduate and Graduate Students


The awards and honors listed below were announced at the Dean's convocation, and were personally celebrated at this year's senior luncheon on Zoom. Here are this year's awardees:


The STEPHEN J. WHITE PRIZE for the best paper written by a student in their first or second year is shared by:

The BRENTANO PRIZE for the best paper written by a student in their third or fourth year is awarded to:

The DAVID HULL PRIZE for the best senior thesis of the academic year goes to:


The HONKOM's recommendation for HONORS IN PHILOSOPHY goes to:

This year's STEPHEN TOULMIN PRIZE honoring superior overall achievement throughout all courses in their undergraduate career as major and amount of engagement in philosophy-courses (measured by the best GPA in philosophy x credits for a graduating philosophy major) is awarded to:

The LULA A. PETERSON PRIZE for exemplary citizenship is awarded to philosophy major honors students who have gone far beyond the call of duty in their functions and organizing activities to truly create atmospheric and social changes in our department. This year's award goes to:

The RUTH BARCAN MARCUS AWARD for tutoring in formal logic goes to:

The THOMAS A. McCARTHY AWARD for Excellence in Teaching by a philosophy graduate student teaching assistant is awarded to:

Many congratulations to all of our exemplary students awardees for their accomplishments!


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