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ADF videoWelcome to the Undergraduate section of philosophy!

Our department’s undergraduate program offers a welcoming place to everyone wishing to study philosophy. From peer-tutoring programs in formal logic through undergraduate research to our yearly celebration of honors-students at our yearly PhilFEST-party, undergraduate involvement and inclusion is one of our top priorities. Inclusiveness initiatives like the student-governed group for women in philosophy (WiPhi), student-run workshops and student-groups offer many ways for being part. Studying at our department relates you to a body of faculty ranked among the top-50 English-speaking departments and to graduate students with top job placements. Our seniors describe us as “exciting” with “almost too much going on”.

Philosophy is the cultivation of critical thinking and openness to the results of rational inquiry even if they force a change of mind, carried to the “big” questions. Classwork methodically develops critical reasoning skills, clarity in thought and language, and competence in synthesizing information into systematic, coherent arguments. These skills enable philosophy majors to excel on tests required for graduate and professional schools (e.g. LSAT, GRE) and to great careers. We support such pursuits with events on fellowships, career and graduate school and involvement in programs of excellence (Brady Scholars, Critical Theory, Science in Human Culture).

We offer courses to all students for the study of classical authors and schools in the history of philosophy and classical philosophical fields (e.g. logic, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy). Its central position between the special sciences connects philosophy to many other disciplines (humanities and natural sciences alike). Our students often explore foundations of other sciences as double majors, minors or non-majors. Those professionalizing their philosophical experience do independent/summer research, use connections for study abroad or enter our honors program.