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2024-25 Courses

To plan your academic year, use the annual class schedule below.

Quarterly lists include days and times for courses, as well as course descriptions.

2024-25 Annual Class Schedule

Courses are subject to change. Check Caesar for the most up-to-date list of the current quarter.

Course # Course Title Fall Winter Spring
PHIL 101-7-20 College Seminar: Philosophy of sex, gender, and sexuality Chad Horne


PHIL 101-7-21 College Seminar: Sean Ebels Duggan
PHIL 101-7-22 College Seminar: What is Democracy?

Axel Mueller
PHIL 101-7-23 College Seminar: Claudia Yau
PHIL 101-8-20 First Year Writing Seminar: Claire Kirwin
PHIL 101-8-20 First Year Writing Seminar: Penny Deutscher
PHIL 101-8-21 First Year Writing Seminar: Rachel Zuckert
PHIL 101-8-22 First Year Writing Seminar: Morgan Thompson
PHIL 110 Introduction to Philosophy Sanford Goldberg
PHIL 150 Introduction to Logic Sean Ebels Duggan
PHIL 210-1 History of Philosophy: Ancient Claudia Yau
PHIL 210-3 History of Philosophy: Early Modern Baron Reed
PHIL 219 Introduction to Existentialism Mark Alznauer
PHIL 220 Introduction to Critical Theory Mark Alznauer
PHIL 221 Gender, Politics, and Philosophy Pascal Brixel



PHIL 222 Introduction to Africana Philosophy Corey Barnes
PHIL 224 Philosophy, Race, and Racism Corey Barnes
PHIL 225 Minds and Machines Megan Hyska
PHIL 240 Freedom and Responsibility Baron Reed
PHIL 250 Logic II Peter van Elswyk
PHIL 253 Introduction to Philosophy of Language Megan Hyska
PHIL 254 Introduction to Philosophy of Natural Science Axel Mueller
PHIL 259 Introduction to Metaphysics Morgan Thompson
PHIL 260 Introduction to Moral Philosophy Pascal Brixel
PHIL 261 Introduction to Political Philosophy Chad Horne
PHIL 262 Ethical Problems/Public Issues Chad Horne Chad Horne
PHIL 269 Bioethics Chad Horne
PHIL 270 Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethical Dimensions Chad Horne
PHIL 273-1 Brady Scholars Program: The Good Life Kyla Ebels Duggan
PHIL 273-2 Brady Scholars Program: The Moral Life Libby Southgate
PHIL 273-3 Brady Scholars Program: The Good Society Rowan Mellor
PHIL 280 Introduction to the Philosophy of Art Claire Kirwin
PHIL 312 Studies in Modern Philosophy Baron Reed
PHIL 313-1 Kant's Critique of Pure Reason Rachel Zuckert
PHIL 314 Studies in German Philosophy: Marx Pascal Brixel
PHIL 315 Introduction to French Philosophy Penny Deutscher
PHIL 324 Studies in African American Philosophy Corey Barnes
PHIL 325 Philosophy of Mind Sanford Goldberg
PHIL 327 Philosophy of Psychology Morgan Thompson
PHIL 328 Classics of Analytic Philosophy Axel Mueller
PHIL 351 Advanced Topics in Phil Logic: Set Theory Sean Ebels Duggan
PHIL 353 Philosophy of  Language Peter van Elswyk
PHIL 357 Topics in Metaphysics Peter van Elswyk
PHIL 358 Epistemology Sanford Goldberg
PHIL 360 Topics in Moral Philosophy Claire Kirwin
PHIL 361 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy Jennifer Lackey Chad Horne
PHIL 363 Kant's Moral Theory Kyla Ebels Duggan
PHIL 373-1 Brady Scholars Program: The Civically Engaged Life TBD
PHIL 373-2 Brady Scholars Program: The Civically Engaged Life TBD
PHIL 380 Topics in the Philosophy of Art Rachel Zuckert
PHIL 390 Special Topics in Philosophy: Libby Southgate Rowan Mellor
PHIL 397 Honors Colloquium - Research Methods in Philosophy Axel Mueller
PHIL 410-2 Special Topics in Philosophy: Epistemic Reparations Jennifer Lackey
PHIL 410-3 Special Topics in Philosophy: Human Rights Cristina lafont
PHIL 410-4 Special Topics in Philosophy: Verbs and event Peter van Elswyk
PHIL 414 Seminar in German Philosophy: Nietzsche's Genealogy Claire Kirwin
PHIL 415 Studies in French Philosophy Penny Deutscher
PHIL 420 Ancient Moral Epistemology Claudia Yau
PHIL 422 Studies in Modern Philosophy Baron Reed
PHIL 423 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy: Alain Locke Corey Barnes
PHIL 460 Seminar in Ethical Theory Kyla Ebels Duggan
PHIL 461 Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Theories of Exploitation Pascal Brixel
PHIL 467 Seminar in Critical Race Theory Corey Barnes
PHIL 468 Seminar in Epistemology Sandy Goldberg
PHIL 488 Professional Skills Seminar Rachel Zuckert
PHIL 401-1 First-year Proseminar Mark Alznauer
PHIL 401-2 First-year Proseminar Mark Alznauer
PHIL 402-1 Second-year Proseminar José Medina
PHIL 402-2 Second-year Proseminar José Medina