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Concentration for Non-Philosophy Students

Non-Philosophy Students with a Concentration in Philosophy

Students who declare Philosophy as their secondary department will be required to take 6 courses in the Department of Philosophy at the 300- or 400-level, of which at least three should be at the 400-level.

At the end of their third year, their performance in the program will be evaluated at the Department’s annual graduate student review meeting. On the basis of the grades and written evaluations provided by the instructors of the classes in which the student has enrolled, the Department will determine whether the student’s performance was satisfactory. In case of a negative evaluation, students may be asked to revise and improve one of the papers they submitted for the classes in which their performance was not entirely satisfactory or to write a new and superior paper on a topic acceptable to the Department. The paper will be evaluated by a two-person committee (anonymous to the students) on a Pass/Fail basis. If the student fails, the Department can recommend to the student’s primary program or home department that the student be given a second chance to revise the paper, or can recommend that the student’s relationship with the Department of Philosophy be terminated.