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Patricia Marechal

Assistant Professor

PhD, Harvard University, 2018
Curriculum Vitae

I work in Classical Greek philosophy. My work is at the intersection of ethics and moral psychology in Plato and Aristotle. I am interested in the connection between affective states and intellectual capabilities, species of human motivation, and the extent to which Ancient moral psychological models are shaped by the recognition that we are social beings by nature.

I have written on Aristotle’s views on the passions, practical wisdom, the virtues of character (in particular, magnanimity), friendship, and honor. More recently, I became interested in other-directed emotions, desires, and character states in Aristotle. I am currently working on a book manuscript concerned with “thumos” as a motivational state that aims at getting other people’s respect and esteem.

I have also worked in Plato's views on pleasure. I am particularly interested in Socrates’ thesis in the Philebus that pleasures are truth-apt, and in Socrates’ attitudes concerning desires and pleasure in the Phaedo.

I have an ongoing interest in the history of medicine, and I have written on Galen’s views on psychology, teleology, and women’s bodies.

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