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Faculty Publications

Fabrizio Cariani

"Deontic Modals and Probabilities: One Theory to Rule Them All?", forthcoming in N. Charlow and M. Chrisman, Deontic Modality, Oxford University Press. 

"Attitudes, Deontics and Semantic Neutrality". Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Volume 95, Issue 4, pp. 491-511, 2014.  

"Individual Coherence and Group Coherence", (with R. Briggs, K. Easwaran and B. Fitelson), in  J. Lackey (ed.), Essays in Collective Epistemology, Oxford University Press, 215-239, 2014.

Note: Older publications and new drafts are available at my website

Kyla Ebels Duggan

“Educating for Autonomy: An Old-fashioned View,” Social Philosophy and Policy, 31:1, Fall 2014, pp 257-275.

I argue that we cannot adequately characterize the aims of education in terms of some formal conception of what it is to think well.  Implementing any such aim requires reliance on and communication of further, substantive normative commitments.  This reveals that a standard contrast between an old-fashioned approach to education that aims to communicate a particular normative outlook, and a progressive approach that aims to develop skills of critical reasoning and reflection is confused and misleading.

“Moral Education in the Liberal State,” Journal of Practical Ethics, 1:2, December 2013, 34-63.

I argue that political liberals should not support the monopoly of a single educational approach in state sponsored schools, but should allow reasonable citizens latitude to choose the worldview in which their own children are educated. 

David Ebrey

“Why Are There No Conditionals in Aristotle’s Logic?” Journal of the History of Philosophy 43 (forthcoming, April 2015)

“Meno’s Paradox in Context,” British Journal of the History of Philosophy 22 (2014)

“Making Room for Matter: Material Causes in the Phaedo and the Physics,” Apeiron 47 (2014)

Sanford Goldberg

Assertion: On the Philosophical Significance of Assertoric Speech.  (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015).

“Pritchard’s Disjunctivism and the Skeptical Challenge.”  Journal of Philosophical Research (2014).

“Interpersonal Epistemic Entitlements.”  Philosophical Issues 24 (2014). 

“What is the subject-matter of the theory of epistemic justification?”  In D. Henderson and J. Greco, eds., The Point and Purpose of Epistemic Evaluation.  (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.)

Richard Kraut

“La democrazia greca” and “Introduzione alla Politica di Aristotele”.  In Aristotele Politcia, Volume 1, Fondazione Lorenzo Valla, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, 2014, pp. 35-87 and 91-116.  General editor: Piero Boitani.  Original drafts composed in English and available at

Cristina Lafont

Lafont, C., “Deliberation, Participation and Democratic Legitimacy: Should Deliberative Minipublics shape Public Policy?”, The Journal of Political Philosophy, 23/1 (2015), 40-63.

Lafont, C., “Human Rights, Sovereignty, and the Responsibility to Protect”, Constellations, forthcoming.

Kenneth Seeskin

Kenneth Seeskin, "Monotheism at Bay: the Gods of Maimonides and Spinoza," in Spinoza and Medieval Jewish Philosophy, ed. Steven Nadler.  New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014, pp. 108-127.

Rachel Zuckert

“Herder and Philosophical Naturalism,” in Herder Jahrbuch XII/2014, 125-144.