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Faculty Conference Presentations

Fabrizio Cariani

"Predictions and Modality"

"Reason-Based Theories of Better"

Kyla Ebels Duggan

“Bad Debt: The Kantian Inheritance of Humean Desire”

“Moral Community: Escaping the Ethical State of Nature”

"The Right, the Good, and the Threat of Despair: (Kantian) Ethics and the Need for Hope in God”

David Ebrey

“Two Requirements on Explanatory Definitions in the Euthyphro”

“Distinguishing Matter from Lack in Physics I”

“Natural Science and The Method of Hypothesis and in the Phaedo”

"Virtue, Teaching, and Divine Inspiration in the Meno”

Sandy Goldberg

“Philosophical Champions”

“The Boundary Dispute between Semantics and Pragmatics”

“New Issues in Speech Act Theory”


“Fundamental Issues in Philosophy of Language”

“Should Have Known”

“Issues in Social Epistemology: Trust and Entitlement”

Richard Kraut

"Replies to Talbot Brewer and Nomy Arpaly," presented to the American Philosophical Association, Central Division, February 2014.  Author Meets Critics discussion of my book, Against Absolute Goodness.

Cristina Lafont

Lafont, C., “Sovereignty and the International Protection of Human Rights,” invited Keynote Speaker at a conference on Justification beyond the State, Yale University, December 5-6, 2014

Lafont, C., “Deliberation, Participation and Democratic Legitimacy”, invited speaker at a workshop on The Epistemic Dimensions of Democracy Revisited, Center for Human Values, Princeton University, April 30, 2014.   

Kenneth Seeskin

"Monotheism as Skepticism," Rome, Costelli Institute, 2014

"Shlomo Pines and the Rediscovery of Maimonides in Contemporary Philosophy," University of Chicago, 2014.